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How to Get the Engagement Photos of Your Dreams

Updated: Mar 14

Your engagement photos are one of the best opportunities in your wedding process to truly show off you and your partner's personalities. But how??

Simple... Be unique to who you are as a couple.

Photography by Wonder Tribe

If you love skateboarding, take pics doing that!

If you both LOVE ice cream over cocktails, head to the coolest or most sentimental ice cream shop and get pictures there.

Whatever makes you both you, DO IT!

One of the best ways to get these unique shots is to essentially have your own version of paparazzi and have the photographer follow you around on your best date yet while still dressed up. You will get the most epic photos while remaining genuine and organic.

Photography by Shelby Mousley

It is also never a bad ideas to have multiple outfit options. These photos will be the backdrop of many essential things from your save the sates to thank you cards and home decor. Options are always your best route.

So whether you want to travel to the city or the beach, visit a zoo or national park or even just do your favorite things, your engagement photos should encapsulate you and your partner.

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Shelby Mousley Photography



Wonder Tribe



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