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The Ultimate 2023 Wedding Trend Guide

The 2023 wedding season is already proving to be an EPIC one. It is the ultimate mix of new style options with homage to some classics that we were just waiting to resurface in the wedding industry but in a whole new light! Here's our guide through the trends we are already seeing that are going to dominate the 2023 wedding industry.

Color Specific Guest Dress Code

When I first thought of a color specific guest dress code, I instantly thought of the wedding scene from Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. The wedding was very aesthetically pleasing and the guest attire sealed the deal.

This year we are going to be seeing more and more of that with couples sending color palettes or specifying black and white as attire for their special guests.

To make it crystal clear for guests, we've put a specific color palette and guidelines in invitations to make shopping even easier.

Floor Circle Arches

Floor circle arches are going to be the new wave this year and for good reason. They are perfect for repurposing. The transition from ceremony to sweetheart tables and/or bar areas is very simple and effective.

They also don't block any good venue views while providing the perfect addition of floral to the setting. And if they couldn't get better, there is no need to rent an arch or have tricky assembly so install is easy even in the trickiest of spaces.

Personalized Bridal Accessories

We are super excited to see personalized bridal accessories take on a whole new level of extra this year! Who can forget the EPIC personalized veil Virgil Abloh created for Hailey Bieber on her wedding day to Justin? 2023 is truly the year that we will be seeing bridal accessories from jackets to veils to everything in between being personalized for the bride"s special day.

Stone Decor

Stone decor is making a comeback like never before. The simple decor pieces add such a elegant yet edgy vibe to the overall look so we can't wait to see how creative couples get with them.

What trend are you most excited to see this year?


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