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To Those Newly Engaged....

CONGRATS! Now what?

First thing, RELAX and soak it all in. You just had one of the biggest moments of your life so just take some time to enjoy it.

Getting engaged is one of the most magical times and you deserve to savor every moment but the sooner you start planning, the better! That is why we have compiled 4 of the best first planning points.

Talk with your partner about budget and expectations

Your wedding should be about what you both want first and foremost.

Tip: Rank Your Priorities

Start by writing out the elements and vendors you will want to incorporate into your wedding. This could be floral, a wedding planner, stationery, cake, linens, catering, etc.

Then, each of you should rank the elements in terms of your highest priorities. For example, if the thing you are most excited about is all of the beautiful flowers, put florals first on your list. Then compare lists- see where you align and where you may have to do some adjusting. Knowing where your priorities lie will help determine where to allocate higher percentages of your budget. It is so great to communicate these priorities with your partner and yourself right off the bat before talking to anyone else!

Consult with both of your families for budget input and potential expectations

Make sure to set boundaries. It is always good to set the tone from the start after you have both decided on your plans.

Tip: Financial Contribution Comes with Communication

It is great to know from the start who will be contributing to your wedding budget. Although talking about money is not always the most comfortable thing to do, it is so important to have transparent conversations from the start of the planning process. It is important to keep in mind that when someone is contributing to the budget, they will potentially expect to be more involved in the planning process. There will need to be communication along the way about what money is being allocated where to ensure their priorities align or are parallel with yours.

Start researching wedding planners+ venues!

Booking your two main vendors can be one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning process.

Things to consider when looking for a venue:

  • Capacity: Can the venue accommodate your anticipated guest count?

  • In-House Inventory: Do they have tables and chairs? Decor?

  • Cost: Is the venue within your budget?

  • Vibe: Does it pass the vibe check (this one is obviously more fun- but let's be real, it's important)

Things to consider when looking for a planner:

  • Personality: This is the person that will be guiding you through the whole process so they are crucial to your big day. Be sure to set up a consultation call to ensure you are a good fit together. If you are Interested in hiring the TEE team- let's chat- set up a discovery call HERE.

  • Experience: Have they worked at your venue before? Are they connected with other vendors you love?

  • Cost: Are they within your budget?

Tip: Use Social Media

A great way to discover beautiful venues and amazing planners is, funny enough, on social media. Go to vendor pages and see who's content aligns with both your personality and wedding day vision. It is also fun to DM past brides and ask for their recommendations for vendors. Pinterest is a great way to gain inspiration for what you want in a venue-and you can't forget about Tik-Tok. Many couples and vendors are getting more and more active on social media platforms, sharing real wedding content and behind the scenes to help give you a better idea of the possibilities for your big day. Need a place to start? Check out our Instagram for some inspo HERE. We also have a Pinterest page.

Start your Guest List and Rough Budget

Start working on a preliminary guest list, and talk about your "must-haves" before reaching out to vendors

Tip: Think About Your Budget When Deciding Who to Invite

One of the biggest things that impacts wedding costs is your guest count- it impacts your catering costs, rental counts, etc. Think about what is most important to you- an intimate celebration with your closest family and friends, a PARTY with 200, or somewhere in between. Note that your guest count will also put limits on venues depending on capacity.

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