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What Not to Forget: Wedding Edition

So you’ve just gotten engaged and you are starting your planning process.

Venue ✅

Caterer ✅

Wedding Planner ✅

Bachelorette Planned ✅

You probably think you have everything set but from years of planning weddings, I have found there are 3 main things almost every couple forgets in the hustle of their wedding that you don't have to.

1. Song Choices

Your DJ may have a great playlist for the day to get all of your guests on the dance floor but it is important to plan those important songs well in advance. So here is a list of songs you can plan MONTHS in advance:

The song you walk down the aisle to

Whether it is a classical rendition of the Avengers theme song or you are taking a page from Bella and Edward’s wedding with “Turning Page,” you can decide the song you want to walk down the aisle to your future spouse as soon as your planning starts.

Photo: Kay Mitchell Photography

Recessional song

Now that you are officially married, you have to exit with a banger. This song is going to be the soundtrack to taking your first steps as newlyweds so it is important that this song means a lot to you. This song could be decided on around the time you do your venue walk-through as you will have an idea of how long your aisle will be.

Photo: McKenzie Lynn Photography

Grand Entrance song

This moment could call for a one-hit wonder or you can get personalized. Whether the whole wedding party enters to the same song or each group enters to something that matches their personalities, it will be a hit. And because it is your wedding day, you get to pick the ultimate jam! And for dramatic effect, we like to ask the DJ to tell the guests to wave their napkins in the air upon the couple’s entrance.

First Dance

The moment you have been waiting for, your first dance. This song is so important and not something you want to leave until the last minute especially if you want to have a live performer or musician. This song also provides the transition from cocktail hour to dinner and is a great way to keep the romantic mood for dinner service.

Photo: Donna & Matthew Photography

2. Seating Chart

Reception seating charts do not have to be a massive struggle when you plan them ahead. Once you know your floor plan and what size tables you will be using, you can start the process of deciding how many people per table. From there, you can take your guest list and split it in correspondence to that information. As you get RSVP’s, it will just be an adjustment rather than a major task.

Photo: Dee and Kris Photography

3. Transportation Logistics

There is no bigger stressor on your big day than having the time of your life and not knowing how you are getting home. Make sure to decide ahead of time who is bringing what and who. Maybe one of your parents will bring all the day-of necessities while you and your future spouse drive with your wedding parties and they swap responsibilities on the way back.

  • Also transportation logistics for personal decor, signage, flowers at the end of the night, card box and guest book getting home safe, making sure all drivers are sober,

Photo: AJ Photography

Photo: Jeff Hall Photography

Your wedding is supposed to be a day of celebration for you and your future spouse so the easier you can make your big day, the better. What other tips do you want to hear from Talia Eliana Events? Make sure to follow us on Instagram and here on for more wedding and event tips.

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