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We cover all of California from the beautiful coast to the majestic Sierras and the wine country in between. Whatever your style, California has it all and it will always be the place we call home. 


Hola, Chicas y Chicos! We love Latin America. There is the frequent choice of Mexico, which of course we won't say no to, but we love heading down further to Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and even Aruba! Combining adventure with romantic occasions is our passion! 



From the Mediterranean Coast to the Baltic Sea, any place you choose in Europe is sure to be a classy affair. From castles to hillsides and even the beach, the options are endless. Let us help you curate the romantic experience you've always envisioned. 


We definitely have a soft spot for South East Asia. We are well-versed in locations in both Vietnam and Thailand and have experience in Bali and Cambodia. This area is so cost-effective and yet is a true paradise- perfect for those laid back couples who want their wedding to feel like a vacation. From beautiful beaches to lush forests paired with outstanding food, it's hard to say no to South East Asia. 


Have somewhere else in mind? Let us know! I'm sure it's on our bucket list. Working in new environments with amazing people is why we do what we do. We know how to reach out to vendors in a new city and scout out the best talent for your event. You pick the place, we'll do the rest. We'll handle the stress so that you can enjoy the party!

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